Jelly Babies Room (aged 0 – 2)

All our babies start their journey at Rainbow Wood in this room. The routines are tailored to your individual baby while preparing them for their progression into the Toddler room. A full range of age-appropriate toys and creative activities are available for your child to learn and discover with the support of our experienced baby room staff. These staff have attended specialist training in working with babies.

Throughout the entire nursery we deliver activities which follow the EYFS curriculum. In the baby room, there is a real focus on the prime areas of learning. As part of our educational programs for babies we promote sensory play, music and movement and outdoor learning. As a setting we strongly consider our baby room environment, making sure that there are quieter areas for the babies to access.

As a parent, you will receive a home communication book and a one to one discussion every day in order to provide a comprehensive update of your child’s daily experiences and well-being. This provides an open dialogue and we actively welcome your input and feedback.

Jelly Tots Room (aged 2 – 3)

As your child grows, develops and becomes more mobile they will progress into the Toddler room. Being a toddler is often a very busy time in a child’s life and developmentally, children cover large milestones. Children are often assisted with toileting at this age, as well as learning boundaries and developing their personal, social and emotional skills.

We continue to promote the prime areas of the EYFS, however children also begin to develop in the specific areas of learning. Focused activities are carefully planned in accordance with each child’s individual developmental requirements which are monitored. A range of programs such Phase One letters and sounds activities are delivered to support learning and development for toddlers.

Through focussed planning and high quality educational programs, we assist children in enhancing their vocabulary of approximately 50 words when entering the toddler room, to approximately 300 words when they leave.

Parents will continue to receive a home communication book for those children with limited vocabulary. In addition, one to one discussions again take place so that a full update of your child’s daily experience, learning and general well being can be given. Our extra curriculum activities for the toddler room include football classes, fun swimming and music and movement sessions.

Jelly Beans Room (ages 3 – 5)

This is the room where your children become more independent and school ready.

The children will discover and forge new friendships, through which they will develop in terms of their personal, social and emotional skills.

We continue to deliver the EYFS curriculum through planned activities and continuous provision, which are very much based on each child’s own individual interests.

Staff have received specialist training in working with pre-school aged children and the pre-school lead practitioner is also a level 3 Forest School Approach Practitioner.

Alongside the EYFS curriculum, we engage in a range of additional programs to support children’s leaning and development. For instance, we promote ECAT (Every Child a Talker) to raise children’s achievement in early language. In addition to this we also teach Phase One Letters and Sounds which concentrates on developing children’s speaking and listening skills which lay the foundations for the phonic work which they will commence at school. We continue to work closely with our families so that parents/carers can also gain an understanding of what skills children need to become school ready.

Our pre-school group go on regular outings, for example trips to the library or the local park to get direct experience of the outside world. We also work on fine motor skills, preparing for the independence of school life like buttoning coats, fastening shoes, etc. Most meals are self-service with the support of our experienced staff and we promote and teach healthy eating and living habits. Our extra-curricular activities include weekly swimming, football, first phase phonics lessons and music and movement sessions.